International school in nuclear engineering - Materials for nuclear reactors, fuels and structures
du 06/10/2014 au 10/10/2014

The National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) is continuing its international school in Nuclear Engineering, aiming at promoting knowledge in the field of reactor physics and engineering at a high education level. The 2014 edition will offer 6 one-week advanced courses presenting  the international state-of-the-art in the main topics of nuclear engineering: reactor core physics, thermal hydraulics, materials, fuels, fuel cycle and nuclear waste


The aim of “Materials for nuclear reactors, fuels and structures” courses is to give an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms of the irradiation effects on the materials used in power reactors, in order to master the macroscopic impacts. The physics involved will be analyzed at the atomic scale, in order to introduce the evolution of the microstructure and the impact induced by irradiation on the properties of the materials. At a higher scale, the effects on the major materials will be detailed: structural and stainless steels, Zr alloys and advanced materials (Carbides, SiC and ZrC).
Contact : Sylvie JUBERA

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