Innovative Materials

CEA-LITEN has been working for many years on problems related to components for hydrogen technology and the transport sector. A rare case in the world of research, our laboratory studies the entire chain, from component manufacturing through to final assembly. In developing innovative materials, optimizing design or making prototypes, we aim to satisfy the user's real needs.

CEA-LITEN's involvement in managing intermittent energy sources means developing effective storage systems that meet the requirements of such energy sources and, naturally, their various applications. Whether for the transport sector, portable applications or the building industry (mainly through their integration in photovoltaic systems), the laboratory is developing Lithium-ion technology geared to the specific application, ranging from cars to ear implants.



The purpose of LEMOH is to develop a multidisciplinary basic research to create new materials, new molecules and macromolecules to be used as efficient active elements in organic, molecular or hybrid (opto)electronic devices.

Contact : Peter Reiss

Tel : +33 4 38 78 97 19


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