About Materials

Availability of materials to meet ever more demanding specifications in terms of specific technical performance, reliability, economy development, sustainability, environmental impact and recycling capacity, is central to the innovation process in which CEA is engaged.

This innovation is based on the original design of advanced components for new technologies of defense and global security, energy, information and health often with a key role played by these materials. Recognizing these challenges, the CEA has always had the desire to develop materials science to meet the challenges of its programs. Although, over time, the manner of its organization in this area were of various shapes, materials stay a major and constant concern.


Since 2006, the 'Advanced Materials' program has the mission to animate and structure the transversality in this domain, transversality so necessary to the emergence of new ideas and concepts, often requiring the contribution of several disciplines.

This program has the mission to enhance the coupling between upstream research and technological developments but also to stimulate and strengthen the vital alliances with the best partners.

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