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Thanks to the skill, and scientific excellence of our internationally renowned research teams, our cutting-edge equipment and investigative means, and our extensive knowledge of the needs of the nuclear industry, MINOS is able to effectively execute and manage research programs dedicated to nuclear materials and systems in extreme environments and waste management.


We also offer scientific support and technical training in materials science in conjunction with the National Institute for Nuclear Science & Technology (INSTN). We are involved in fundamental and applied research in areas such as chemistry, physics, mechanics, material behavior under irradiation, that allow us to sustain strategic research partnerships and innovative research programs covering a large range of domains:


  • Nuclear materials for structures: elaboration, characterization of irradiated and non irradiated materials, development of behavior models under irradiation (metals, alloys, ceramics, composites), ion irradiation (JANNuS Saclay), microstructure studies, tests in extreme conditions, multi-scale approaches (MATIX_P), simulations (ab-initio, MD, DD, MC), new materials;
  • Structural mechanics and systems simulation: methodology development, development and use of simulation tools and codes for structural mechanics and for nuclear fuel assembly design and structures integrity assessment. Numerical analysis, software engineering and uncertainty propagation studies, safety analyses;
  • Physics and chemistry: chemistry in solution, characterization of materials' physico-chemical behavior coupled with mechanics. Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, interface chemistry, chemical reactivity and kinetics, thermodynamics, analytical tools and methods, spectrometric techniques, laser-based spectroscopic methods;
  • Fuel studies: design, elaboration, and characterization of nuclear fuel, behavior studies in a reactor environment (in-service and accidental conditions). New fuels development, manufacturing processes, conditioning, codes and simulation platform development (PLEIADES);
  • Waste management and conditioning: solid and liquid radioactive waste treatment, process development (decontamination, inceneration), development of conditioning matrices (glass, ceramic) and encapsulating matrices (bitumen, cement-based matrices, geo-polymers), material long-term behavior studies, high performance conditioning process (vitrification, ceramicizing);
  • Fuel cycle technology: technology development for up-stream and down-stream current and future fuel cycles, fuel recycling processes, waste management technology, support to remediation and dismantling activities, development of technologies ranging from laboratory-scale to industrial implementation.







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