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LEMA hot facility (in ATALANTE)


Located at CEA Marcoule, the Laboratory of actinide-based materials studies (LEMA), which is managed by the Fuel Cycle Technology Department (DTEC), is a hot laboratory dedicated to radioactive source manufacturing, used source recycling, and elaboration and manufacturing methods for minor actinide-based and plutonium fuel-based materials. This laboratory is implemented in ATALANTE, which is the major nuclear cycle R&D facilities in CEA and in the world. The facilities include several installations.


  • The L6 laboratory is dedicated to ceramic and minor actinide-based fuel elaboration, as well as Am chemistry. It is equipped with several shielded cells with mixer mills, a press, and a sintering furnace;
  • The L7 laboratory is devoted to the study and characterization of minor actinide-based materials. It includes various types of equipment, such as a thermobalance, a He pycnometer, a BET, a dilatometer, and a XRD…;
  • The C9 and C10 shielded cells are equipped with various devices and systems dedicated to actinides purification, actinide-based matrices manufacturing, sample preparation for ceramography, and fuel or radioactive source elaboration;
  • The LES 216 laboratory is dedicated to microstructure analyses. It is equipped with several SEM's (both inside and outside the hot cells).

L6 laboratory: general view

  L7 laboratory: XRD sample preparation

C10 shielded cell: sintering furnace

  LES 216 laboratory: SEM –FEG


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