Dsm/Iramis/SIS2M/LEEL (Laboratory for Light Element Studies)
Dsm/Iramis/SIS2M/LEEL (Laboratory for Light Element Studies)

Illustration demonstrating the possibility of mapping the light elements in electrode materials



Within the Laboratory for light element studies (LEEL, Laboratoire d'Etude des Eléments Légers), research topics are focused on light element behavior in materials, mainly with the help of the nuclear microprobe, a facility remarkably suited for monitoring such elements. Particularly, processes such as diffusion, precipitation and segregation can be addressed locally by the use of selected nuclear reactions, either through the use of isotopic tracers or by directly measuring the investigated elements. We apply these methods for materials dedicated to energy and technology (fuel cell materials, nuclear materials). In some cases, these studies are also applied to highly radioactive samples by using the radioactive beamline Casimir.

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