2012 MINOS Workshop

Session 1
Opportunities and Challenges for Materials Innovation in Nuclear Energy, S. J. Zinkle, Oak Ridge National Lab. (USA)
ANCRE Alliance: Roadmap for Nuclear Materials, F. Touboul, CEA Saclay (France)
Session 2
Irradiation Effects in Materials for Nuclear Applications, W. J. Weber, Tennessee  University (USA)
Multi-scale Modelling of Nuclear Fuels under Irradiation, M. Freyss,  CEA Cadarache (France)
Session 3
Abstract : Nuclear Reactor Fuels: Materials With Highly Complex Behaviour, R. Konings, JRC-ITU & Delft University (Netherlands)
Materials Characterization by Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP),   P. Pareige, Rouen University (France)
Session 4

Irradiation Resistance in a Fusion Environment: a Challenge for Structural Materials, J. Henry, CEA Saclay (France)



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